Property Alert

Overview: Property Alert allows the concerned parties to monitor a specific property for certain activities or changes. It helps protect property owners from potential fraud and unauthorized activity involving their registered properties.

Issuing Authority:

  • The UK Land Registry

By signing up for Property Alert, the user will receive email notifications when certain activities occur on the monitored properties, such as applications for a new mortgage, changes to the title deeds, or attempts to sell or remortgage the property.

The content overview is provided for informational purposes only. The document ordered may differ from this content if certain positions have not been filed with the Register or are not applicable to a particular property.


Property Alert is particularly useful in detecting property fraud, where fraudsters may attempt to impersonate property owners or make unauthorized changes to property ownership records. By receiving alerts for any activity on their properties, owners can quickly identify and report fraudulent attempts, allowing the Land Registry to take appropriate action to safeguard the property.

Property Alert is a proactive measure that property owners can take to protect their interests and ensure the security of their registered properties. It provides peace of mind and helps in the early detection and prevention of potential fraudulent activities.


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