Corporate Owner

The following documents are available for legal entities registered outside the United Kingdom, that own property or land parcels in the United Kingdom.

Extract from Trade Register

Extract from Trade Register – official corporate document reflecting the basic information on the company/legal entity.

Title Register (Extract from UK Property Register)

Official document that provides basic information about a specific property or land parcel including ownership, mortgages, restrictions, covenants, etc.

Certificate of Ownership

Official legal document confirming the ownership of a specific property or land parcel and serves as proof of ownership.

Property Search Report

Official report that contains all current and historical information and documents that are available in the Land Registry for a specific property or land parcel.

History of Transactions

Official chronological record of past transactions related to a specific property or land parcel including ownership history, sales, purchases, mortgages, leases, etc.

Property Valuation Report

Official document that provides an assessment of the market value of a specific property based on various factors including location, size, condition, features, comparable sales in the area, etc.

Ownership Structure

Official document reflecting how a specific property is owned, and who has rights, responsibilities, and implications in terms of taxation, inheritance, legal obligations, etc.

Register of Beneficiaries

Official document that contains information about the individuals and/or entities that are entitled to benefit from a specific property including respective interests and restrictions.

Certificate of Good Standing

Official document that serves as proof that a company associated with a specific property is duly registered, active, and in good standing with the relevant government authorities.

Pending Litigation Report

Official search conducted to identify any ongoing legal disputes or litigation involving a property or an individual or a company associated with a specific property.

Bankruptcy Search Report

Official search conducted to determine if an individual or a company associated with a specific property has been declared bankrupt or is subject to bankruptcy proceedings.

AML & Compliance Pack

Detailed certified report describing the results of the performed due diligence of an individual or a company associated with a property via the official compliance databases, sanctions lists, crime registers, and other resources.

Advanced Property Report

Official comprehensive report that provides detailed information about a property’s ownership, location, history, characteristics, and risks that could impact the property’s value or use.


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Transfer of Ownership

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Spontaneous Offer

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