Title Plan

Overview: Title Plan – is an official legal document providing a visual representation of the property’s legal boundaries, as described in the Title Register. The Title Plan shows a small area from the Ordnance Survey (OS) map, with black outlines indicating buildings, hedges, and streets. The red line, known as ‘the extent’, indicates the registered property boundaries.

Issuing Authority:

  • The UK Land Registry


  • Information relating to the position of the official boundaries
  • The extent/curtilage of land owned, outlining it in red
  • An outline of the property and its surroundings
  • Repair and maintenance obligations for boundary structures (e.g. fences and walls) referred to in the Title Register are often indicated on the Title Plan by colored markings and T markings
  • Any rights/easements (e.g. rights of access, parking rights, and drainage rights) and restrictions/restrictive covenants referred to in the Title Register are often indicated by colored markings on the Title Plan
  • Areas of land that previously formed part of the property but have since been removed are colored green
  • Orientation indicated by way of a North point
  • Ordnance Survey map reference
  • Title Plans are drawn to scale 1:1250

The content overview is provided for informational purposes only. The document ordered may differ from this content if certain positions have not been filed with the Register or are not applicable to a particular property.


The Title Plan helps to visually identify the extent and location of the property, which is crucial for understanding the rights and responsibilities associated with the land. It is often used in property transactions, boundary disputes, and other legal matters related to land ownership and development.


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